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Brick to Click Farewell Benny’s

Brick to Click Can we harness the power?
Brick to Click Can we harness the power? Benny’s Benny’s, Is My Fav-o-rite Store. That catchy tune and those adorable children will be etched in our memory. Benny’s, founded by Benjamin “Benny” Bromberg nearly 93 years ago is a piece of Rhode Island culture that will be sadly missed.  Technology is clearly dominating retail, yet... READ MORE

Get Out of your Fishbowl

Wall Street More Technology Personnel Ok all you emerging techies, think you’re headed to Google or Facebook or the next hot social media stage?  Hey, MBAs, think you’re on the fast track to big $$$ in finance? Think again, now really think. Who would you guess is trolling for the best tech people money can... READ MORE

Congress Youth Technology Initiative

Congressional App Challenge
Congressional App Challenge If you read my blog, you know I'm concerned there aren’t enough youth focused on coding and computer science. These are the high-paying jobs of the future and as things are, they will be left unfilled. Let’s encourage our kids to get fired up about coding. Congress is sponsoring the 2017 Congressional App... READ MORE