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Wall Street More Technology Personnel

Wall Street More Technology Personnel

Ok all you emerging techies, think you’re headed to Google or Facebook or the next hot social media stage?  Hey, MBAs, think you’re on the fast track to big $$$ in finance? Think again, now really think. Who would you guess is trolling for the best tech people money can buy? Believe it or not, Wall Street.

Wall Street is hiring more technology specialists than bankers these days. Financial services industry is keen to ride the new wave data scientists offer. Developing algorithms to enhance high-frequency trading and big data analytics are seizing the lion’s share of financial CEO’s attention.

With data and behavioral scientists the most sought-after fish on Wall Street, an MBA alone, may not be your best bait.

While honing up on your knowledge of markets and finance, get hot on computer science. Likewise, techies get exposed to the markets. That double-barreled harpoon might just spear you the biggest fish in the pool.

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As the process of recruiting technology talent becomes more complex, more organizations are outsourcing the recruitment process. As part of our network, you’ll be in the right place at the right time.


20 Years of dedication earns esteemed award

20 Years of dedication earns esteemed award

Millennium Consulting is proud to be recognized as a staffing industry leader in the 2016 TechServe Alliance Excellence Awards!
Paul Hansen

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Paul Hansen is the Founder and CEO of Millennium Consulting. Paul is also a board member at TechServe Alliance. Connect with Paul via LinkedIn.