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STEM Baby Born in the Rainforest


At the equator where the sun is its hottest and the world is lusciously green with promise; Priyanka was born in-the-midst of the Amazon Jungle. Early on she became a stabilizing presence as her older brother had challenges. Their father had left and it was a role she naturally fit.  Interesting how circumstances and intentions bring the universe into conformity.

On a leap of faith, the mom and children boarded a flight to USA Destination, Boston. Elementary school was rough as a strange accent was isolating and social cues were foreign. “I didn’t fit in. What made me different? What made me “not cool”? I did not know.”

The genesis of Priyanka’s STEM story is hinted at in her 3rd grade yearbook when answering timeless question – What do you want to be when you grow up? “Without hesitation, my response was – I want to be a doctor and help people.  Little did I know that the seed planted there, declaring the power of my intentions, would attract opportunities to fulfill my dreams.”

Summer of 7th grade a STEM engagement was offered at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, ExxonMobil Bernard Harris Summer Science program. A most powerful lab experience came later that same year. The Smith College summer science program led to four amazing weeks in the neuroscience and genetic research. “It rocked my world. I did lab conducting experiments on PCR, DNA fingerprinting analysis, sheep brain and tadpole dissections, and DNA karyotyping. Lectures on emerging topics such as genetics and neuroscience were made available and I consumed them all.” Priyanka said.

Helping people was a passion that always burned inside. When in June of 2016 two earthquakes stuck the coast of Ecuador. Compelled to give back to the country of her birth, and a Spanish teacher who helped to organize a fundraiser, she was on her way to build bamboo homes.

As she waits news of college acceptance letters, she looks forward to a future giving back to our world. “STEM started me on the road to my dreams.”


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Paul Hansen

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Paul Hansen is the Founder and CEO of Millennium Consulting. Paul is also a board member at TechServe Alliance. Connect with Paul via LinkedIn.