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D.C. Headquartered TechServe Alliance Elects Paul Hansen President

Paul Hansen elected TechServe Alliance President
Paul Hansen elected TechServe Alliance President Paul C. Hansen has been elected President of TechServe Alliance, a 400-member D.C. headquartered IT & engineering staffing association dedicated to advancing excellence and ethics within the industry. Prior to his current association with TechServe, he served on the Boards at the National Association of Computer Consulting Businesses and... READ MORE

What the heck is Geographic Information Systems?

Little boy dreams of the future
Geographic Information Systems, GIS, is emerging as a hot tech career field. One that allows for visualizing, analyzing and interpreting data while dissecting relationships, patterns, and trends. Almost every industry can benefit from this technology, using geography to solve real problems in real time. The power of mapping When one thinks of geographical mapping, Uber... READ MORE

It’s not rocket science…um well sort of

What the heck is a Full Stack Developer? AngularJS and node.js?  You gotta be kidding me. Yup, this is a special kinda guy or girl. A master king of many layers. Used to be a rare beast who understood the programming, the server and hosting, business logic, data modeling and user experience. Today more and... READ MORE