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D.C. Headquartered TechServe Alliance Elects Paul Hansen President

Paul Hansen elected TechServe Alliance President
Paul Hansen elected TechServe Alliance President Paul C. Hansen has been elected President of TechServe Alliance, a 400-member D.C. headquartered IT & engineering staffing association dedicated to advancing excellence and ethics within the industry. Prior to his current association with TechServe, he served on the Boards at the National Association of Computer Consulting Businesses and... READ MORE

What the heck is Geographic Information Systems?

Little boy dreams of the future
Geographic Information Systems, GIS, is emerging as a hot tech career field. One that allows for visualizing, analyzing and interpreting data while dissecting relationships, patterns, and trends. Almost every industry can benefit from this technology, using geography to solve real problems in real time. The power of mapping When one thinks of geographical mapping, Uber... READ MORE

Up to their “You know what” in “You know who.”

Washington Technology Workforce Solutions?
Forget it... They're up to their "You know what" in "You know who" Pondering the future of our next generation isn’t something that occupied my mind much in my 20’s. As life experience settles in, waistlines expand a bit and the party life is a distant memory; focus turns toward more philosophical concerns. We’ve got... READ MORE