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Congress Youth Technology Initiative

Congressional App Challenge
Congressional App Challenge If you read my blog, you know I'm concerned there aren’t enough youth focused on coding and computer science. These are the high-paying jobs of the future and as things are, they will be left unfilled. Let’s encourage our kids to get fired up about coding. Congress is sponsoring the 2017 Congressional App... READ MORE

Up to their “You know what” in “You know who.”

Washington Technology Workforce Solutions?
Forget it... They're up to their "You know what" in "You know who" Pondering the future of our next generation isn’t something that occupied my mind much in my 20’s. As life experience settles in, waistlines expand a bit and the party life is a distant memory; focus turns toward more philosophical concerns. We’ve got... READ MORE

Networking for job opportunities

Networking for job opportunities
Networking for job opportunities For most people, initiating a conversation with strangers is a challenge. Walking up to someone can be intimidating; no matter how successful they are, remember they put their pants on one leg at a time.  Conquering a reticence to network can be overcome with these few useful tips. Where? Almost every... READ MORE