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What was buzzing in ’96?

Time machine

In 1996, the British gave us Dolly, the first cloned sheep. Braveheart was box office gold for Mel Gibson, and the hottest TV shows were ER and Frasier. The World Wide Web was still new and shiny, with only 45 million users and for the first time more emails were sent than postal mail in the U.S. Windows 95 was considered a cool thing, so cool that in that year one million copies were purchased by users in four days. Some things never change, right?

If you had asked me what was happening in 1996, I could only give you one answer. That was the year we founded Millennium Consulting, so we were pretty much wrapped up in getting the business off the ground, taking care of our consultants and ensuring the best possible support for our earliest clients. While we might have struggled at the time to describe our long-term vision (heck, there’s little time to be visionary when you’re focused on keeping the lights on!), it would have looked a lot like Millennium Consulting today.

From our earliest days, we believed in fundamentals. Focus on quality, integrity and professionalism. Know the labor market and share that knowledge with clients who appreciate the value that talented IT professionals can bring to their organization. (Remember, 20 years ago, the idea of bringing someone in on a temporary basis to work on a special technology project was new and different. It caught on quickly though. In fact, that year, temporary staffing was one of the fastest-growing segments of the economy.)

Fast-forward 20 years… We may have replaced our signature pocket protectors with a slew of digital devices, but we still base our business on people. Even though our industry is all about short-term engagements, we believe in long-term relationships. It’s never been about grabbing resumes and tossing them over the client wall. We serve as a conduit between client and candidate and we advocate for both. We are dedicated to providing the best opportunities to our candidates and the best talent to our clients.

Doing business this way has allowed us to place well over 1,000 professionals in jobs in nearly all 50 states. We’ve been recognized as one of the fastest-growing companies in New England. Best of all, at least 30% of both our client and consultant base has been with us for all 20 years. That’s a retention figure anyone would be proud of. I am especially gratified by it, because I know it is due to the great team of people I have the privilege to work with here at Millennium. Their dedication to our candidates and clients is unmatched. We all love what we do. We love the people we do it with. And we plan to keep on doing it for the next 20 years. Come join us!

Paul Hansen

Author’s Bio

Paul Hansen is the Founder and CEO of Millennium Consulting. Paul is also a board member at TechServe Alliance. Connect with Paul via LinkedIn.