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Up to their “You know what” in “You know who.”

Washington Technology Workforce Solutions?
Forget it... They're up to their "You know what" in "You know who" Pondering the future of our next generation isn’t something that occupied my mind much in my 20’s. As life experience settles in, waistlines expand a bit and the party life is a distant memory; focus turns toward more philosophical concerns. We’ve got... READ MORE

Coffee Bla bla Drive home Wine

Hiring an amateur can butcher the bank
Hiring an amateur can butcher the bank How to avoid hiring the blasé employee In highly technical fields qualified candidates are as scarce as hens’ teeth. The title is meant to be funny but if you've ever hired a  coffee-drinking chatty gabby, clock watcher guy that runs like his pants are on fire at 5:00, you're... READ MORE