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Process Makes The Difference

Our commitment to the right match.

The goal of every staffing engagement is an outstanding match of talent to an organization’s need. Process excellence goes beyond that, with every step in the pursuit structured to move forward with maximum efficiency and assured quality. We have honed our process over two decades to deliver a positive experience and consistent outcomes. Our account managers and recruiters are aligned based on industry knowledge, previous client engagements and fluency in anticipated requirements (both technical and market-based).

Efficient Solutions for Your Professional Talent Challenges
Our recruitment process ensures an unimpeded flow of critical information at all points. We have refined it over the years to enhance organizational effectiveness, eliminate “background noise” and provide built-in, fail-safe channels for successful engagements. Our proven process entails:

  • Structured in-depth candidate engagement.
  • Candidate referencing from verified and quality sources.
  • Thoroughly vetted candidates based on stringent background checks.
  • Assured candidate proficiency in desired technologies, as verified by online skills testing and technical interviews.
  • Ongoing candidate interaction through client interviews, on-boarding and project engagement.

We focus on long-term relationships with clients and consultants. Our strong partnerships mean better results for your organization.

Millennium’s sourcing process delivers better Professional talent when and where you need it. Put our process and experience to the test.