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Change the World? Give Back? Why?

Go the extra mile. It's ever crowded. Girl with blue floppy hat on the beach
Change the world, now that’s an overwhelming ​thought. When you think about it though, we do know that one small gesture can favorably affect the lives of many. It can change yours too. Like a stone cast into a lake, charitable deeds ripple. Doing for others makes you feel good and boosts self-esteem. There have... READ MORE

Go Ahead! Make My Day!

Why do you think our Alpaca has a "tude?"
Are you passionate about making people connections, helping people and bringing folks together? When you give someone a hand-up and they succeed does it make your day? Well, We might just have the ideal ​ career for you. If you​ ​are​​ ​a business development professional looking to enhance your career and enrich your life, Millennium... READ MORE

Up to their “You know what” in “You know who.”

Washington Technology Workforce Solutions?
Forget it... They're up to their "You know what" in "You know who" Pondering the future of our next generation isn’t something that occupied my mind much in my 20’s. As life experience settles in, waistlines expand a bit and the party life is a distant memory; focus turns toward more philosophical concerns. We’ve got... READ MORE