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Congress Youth Technology Initiative

Congressional App Challenge
Congressional App Challenge If you read my blog, you know I'm concerned there aren’t enough youth focused on coding and computer science. These are the high-paying jobs of the future and as things are, they will be left unfilled. Let’s encourage our kids to get fired up about coding. Congress is sponsoring the 2017 Congressional App... READ MORE

STEM Baby Born in the Rainforest

At the equator where the sun is its hottest and the world is lusciously green with promise; Priyanka was born in-the-midst of the Amazon Jungle. Early on she became a stabilizing presence as her older brother had challenges. Their father had left and it was a role she naturally fit.  Interesting how circumstances and intentions... READ MORE

Happy 4th Here’s some instant joy for you

This year July 4th falls on Tuesday, giving most of us an extra-long weekend to celebrate that our colonies declared independence from Great Britain so many years ago. What does that mean to us today? As we joyfully gather with family and friends, attend fireworks, picnics, beach parties and backyard barbeques, Let’s take a few... READ MORE