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What will we do with all the poo?

And what does that have to do with resourcing talent? And why do we give a crap? If you need another testimony to the emerging shortage of IT professionals, I’ve got some trusted sources with statistics for you. There doesn’t seem any point to stating the obvious. The meat of the matter is: What are... READ MORE

Tech Job…Sexy?

How many knights will pass before you find your perfect hire? Millennium Consulting
Per an article published by the Harvard Business Review, the data scientist is just that...sexy. But what exactly is a data scientist? To answer that first look at what the gathering/analyzing of data can accomplish. Creative mining of related data can reveal amazingly valuable information. It can target marketing campaigns to grow revenues, cut costs, improve... READ MORE

The Fine Art of Talent Acquisition


Talent acquisition is a specialized skill. Discerning between candidates and applicants is intensely tedious and time consuming. Skill and talent is but one area of concern. There are personality, social and team interactions to consider. Will this person fit into our corporate culture? Will h/she collaborate well with key personnel? Wouldn’t it be great to…